Nancy Petronovich, Gifted Coordinator
Phone: 623.388.2321 or 623.556.5880

2017-2018 Test Dates:

September 12 and 14
January 9 and 11
April 24 and 26

Gifted and Talented Education Program

Gifted and Talented Education is a program to support students who are identified gifted.  Nadaburg defines gifted students as those who achieve 97% or higher on the Cognitive Abilities Test version 7 (Cogat7).  The district provides testing three times a year.  A student may test once very twelve months.  Once a student achieves 97% or higher, and is deemed gifted they are not required to complete the Cogat 7 again.  Students entering from another district in Arizona, and were deemed gifted by the entering district are considered gifted.  Students entering from out of State must participate in the Cogat 7 unless they tested with the Cogat 7 prior with a 97% or higher score. 


Thematic STEAM

The district uses a thematic based program with our gifted students based on the principles of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.  Each year the students explore a topic in depth.  Students participate in local explorations, and culminate the theme with a 2-3 day field trip related to the topic.

YearThemeLocal ExplorationsCulminating TripCamp Invention
2016-2017Arts and EngineeringTheater Production
Behind the Scenes of a Performing Theater
Hollywood: Pasadena School of Arts; Disney Theater; Universal StudiosE.Z. Science (Creating a science magazine)
2017-2018ArchaeologyPueblo Grande Museum
Arizona Living History Museum
Cortez, CO: Anasazi Heritage Museum; Mesa Verde National Park; Four Corners; and Navajo National MonumentBolder Builders
2018-2019Astronauts and SpaceChallenger Space Center
Star Gazing Night
California Science Center, EndeavourFlight Sight

Exploration trips may change based on availability.


School and College Ability Test (SCAT)

Nadaburg is the only authorized district in Maricopa County to administer the School and College Ability Test developed by the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.  The test is given one time a year in January to students in 4th through 8th grade.  Students who meet certain criteria on the test may qualify for on line courses, college courses, and other opportunities through John Hopkins.  The district pays for all testing and registration fees.  Families are responsible for program cost if they choose to participate.  Preparation classes are offered prior to testing at no cost.

Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT)

The PSAT is typically given to students in grades 8/9, however through a special arrangement with the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth the Nadaburg Unified School District offers two PSAT testing dates.  Students who meet the criteria on the PSAT are eligible for classes and events through John Hopkins.  The PSAT at an early age will give parents the unique opportunity to develop a focused long term plan for their child, better preparing them for the SAT in high school.

Camp Invention

During the summer months, students in the gifted program are invited to participate in Camp Invention, which is an introduction to the next school year's theme.  Camp Invention programs are based on the principles of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Previous units included visiting Planet Rog, where students had to develop shelters, survive in the harsh climates of outer space, and learn how to live among the planet natives.  There is no cost for Summer Camp Invention for gifted students.

Project Exploration

The gifted program partners with Project Exploration as a culminating trip for the annual theme.  The trip is typically a 48-hour trip that involves fun and exciting opportunities for students.  Recently our gifted students completed a trip to San Diego where they went dredging in San Diego Harbor, observed sea life at Sea World and Birch Aquarium, and observed seals at La Jolla Cove.  Though there is a minimal cost for the Project Exploration trip families may participate in the tax credit program to cover all or most of the cost.  The schools also conduct fundraisers to help support the trip cost.  For families who are unable to afford the trip, but would like their child to attend should contact the gifted coordinator.

Please Support Gifted

The State of Arizona does not fund the mandated gifted program. You can support the gifted program through donations, advocacy, and assisting us in developing partnerships.  Currently, the district supports our Gifted program in the following ways:
1)  General Operating Budget
2)  Tax Credit donations for field trips, summer school, and John Hopkins program
3)  Organizational grants/donations such as Sumco, Inc.
4)  Individual donations such as the In Memory of Elida Flynn fund.

We recommend all parents of gifted students become members of the Arizona Association of Gifted and Talented.  The membership fee is $25 per a year.  Members may recommend children for summer program grants up to $250 (see their web page for details).  The organization does phenomenal work in the area of gifted advocacy.  You may reach them at Arizona Gifted and Talented