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2019 AzMerit Results

  • 2019 AzMERIT Test Results Summary:


  • AzMERIT Files:

    Instructions for parents to access student AzMERIT SCORES

Statewide Assessment Information

  • AzMERIT is the statewide test used to assess students in grades 3-11 in English Language Arts and Mathematics Each subject has a breakdown of categories that is helpful to understand how your child performed in different areas.   AzMerit results are one component of your child’s performance. 
    Arizona Department of Education AzMERIT Resources

    AIMS Science

    AIMS Science is administered in the spring to students in Grades 4, 8, and high school.  The assessment measures student proficiency of the Arizona Academic Content Standard in Science.
    Arizona Department of Education Science Resources

    College Readiness Assessment Information


    The ACT Exam is a college entrance assessment accepted at colleges and universities in the United States.
    This year, the Nadaburg Unified School District will administer the assessment to all 11th grade students enrolled in the district.  The district will pay for the exam fees.


    The SAT Exam is a college entrance assessment accepted colleges and universities in the United States.


    The PSAT is designed to prepare students for the SAT assessment and may be used to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship program.
    This year, the Nadaburg Unified District will pay exam fees for all 10th grade students enrolled in the district.
    PSAT Resources 

    Advanced Placement®

    The Advanced Placement Exam  is administered in May each year to measure how well students have mastered the content and skills learned in a given AP® course.
    AP Resources 

    Students with Disabilities:

    There are accommodations available for each test. Please refer to the list below to obtain additional information.

    • PSAT/NMSQT, SAT: Refer to the CollegeBoard™ website
    • ACT: Refer to the respective websites
    • AP: Contact the coordinator at Mountainside High school


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