Board Certified Teachers

NUSD National Board Certified Teachers

The Nadaburg Unified School District is committed to delivering outstanding learning opportunities every day to its growing student body. We achieve that by ensuring that there are exceptional leaders in the classrooms of our schools.  A growing number of Nadaburg Unified teachers choose and are encouraged by the District, to augment their state certification through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

That organization’s National Board Certification program, launched in 1987, was created by teachers for teachers. It is the pinnacle of professional development programs for U.S. classroom teachers and is the most significant way in which the nation’s teaching profession encourages the development, retention, and recognition of accomplished teachers, with the goal of creating ongoing improvement in schools nationwide from the inside out. Those who achieve certification status report that going through the up-to-three-year process forever changes the way they think about their profession, profoundly impacting the way they teach students for the rest of their careers.

These exemplary educators dedicate themselves to the ongoing improvement and mastery of their skills in order to provide Nadaburg students with outstanding educational experiences at all grade levels for which NUSD has been known for over 100 years. We know that NUSD students are successful during their years with us, and beyond, because of the District’s ongoing mission to deliver relevant and rigorous instruction to all of our students and to dedicate the resources necessary to achieve that.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards issues certificates issued in 16 content areas, from art, health education, and mathematics to language arts, science, and music. Certificates are also based on developmental levels, from early and middle childhood to early adolescence and young adulthood.

Certification candidates put a microscope on their teaching practices and reflect on how they demonstrate and implement, in an ongoing way, National Board standards.  Candidates for National Board certification are examined, by a panel of local and national peers, in four, key areas:

  • competency in the subject area they teach
  • how they differentiate their instruction, based on student strengths and needs
  • how they engage students in learning and
  • how they continuously apply what they learn about their students to adapt their teaching practices to impact student learning growth and deliver excellent, meaningful instruction.

The process of becoming a National Board Certified teacher, the most respected professional certification in K-12 education, is voluntary. Candidates must have at least three years of successful experience teaching in a K-12 school setting. The challenge of taking on national certification while also teaching full-time is a major commitment that can take up to three years to complete. Teachers must renew their National Board certification every five years.