Nadaburg Online Virtual Academy (NOVA)


Pre-Kindergarten-2nd Grade

3rd-5th Grade (3o a 5o grado)

6th-8th Grade (6o a 8o grado)

NUSD Learning Guide for Parents

As of Monday, April 27, teachers will be introducing new standards and/or providing targeted instruction regarding previously taught standards.  School is in session and we are providing learning that is important for student success next school year. Weekly assignments and assessments are so important that not completing them could put a student at a disadvantage going into next school year. Grades do matter although differently during this time. Teachers will be grading weekly assignments and providing feedback in preparation for fourth quarter report cards. Students who participate in their learning have an opportunity to improve their grade from third to fourth quarter, as letter grades and report cards will be administered.

Teachers have dedicated time daily to support students in ZOOM sessions, instructional videos and assignments that will enhance student learning. During distance learning, an emphasis will be placed on providing student feedback that is specific, timely, and aligned to the AZ standards. Our goal is to support student learning through feedback in small group or one-on-one support. All teachers have a Google Voice phone number and can be reached for support over the phone, should online access not be available. The district is working to support families with access to technology and internet. (Please see attached document.)

Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you need additional support.