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What is 21st Century?

The 21st Century Community Learning Center is a grant from the US Department of Education, and managed by the Arizona Department of Education.  In 2014, Nadaburg Unified School District was awarded a 5 year at both campuses.


Academic Support-The 21st Century program offers tutoring and academic support for students needing support in the areas of mathematics, reading, and writing.  The academic component also supports our annual summer school program.

 Youth Engagement-This is an opportunity for students to learn about things beyond academics.  Some of our programs is the organic garden, robotics, sewing club, and cooking classes.  Check with your campus to learn about current offerings.  Our Fantastic Friday program is a part of our 21st Century grant.

 Community Partnerships-The grant gives schools the opportunity to build sustainable partnerships.  Some of our partnerships have included the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation, Arizona State Tutoring Grant, Kiwanis Club, Toyota Proving Grounds, and many more.

 Family Engagement-The program has a mandate of involving families in school.  We have done Zumba classes, connecting our garden and home, and our open gym Saturday.  Each school has unique programs. 


The program is open to students who have a need to participate in the program.  If you are interested in your child becoming a part of the 21st Century program please meet with their teacher, or your site coordinator.  There is no cost to join 21st Century.


Arizona Center for After School Excellence

Arizona Department of Education 21st Century Unit


Meet The Team

Phone:  (623) 388-2115


Julie Mackenzie                 
Student Achievement Teacher

Jen Carlson                             
21st Century Specialist                      

Christina Ross                         
Desert Oasis Co-Coordinator             

Marija Arsenovic                    
Desert Oasis Co-Coordinator             

Lori Noto                                
Nadaburg Coordinator