Vendor Information

Welcome to the Purchasing Department! Here you will find information regarding Vendor Registration Information, Solicitation Processes, Open Bids, as well as Member Consortiums. We hope you will find this page helpful and beneficial. Thanks for visiting!

Vendor Registration Information
The Purchasing Department administers and maintains the Vendor Registration System for all classifications of District procurements. The information is available to all schools and departments to identify applicable vendors for specific procurements, especially formal Requests for Quotation, Invitations for Bid, and Requests for Proposal. This system also provides the District with more information about current and potential new vendors, facilitates communication, and better identifies procurement sources.
Here are some helpful forms:

Please complete the registration form and the W-9 form.  Return both forms to:

Nadaburg Unified School District No.81
Attn:  Purchasing
32919 Center Street
Wittmann, AZ 85361

The District requests all prospective vendors that have any questions, contact us via email at
Member Consortiums
In an effort to promote “best value” purchasing and to benefit from economies of scale, Nadaburg Unified School District is a member of the following purchasing consortiums: