Multi-Tiered System of Supports

What is a Multi Tiered System of Support?
​Multi Tiered System of Support is a process in implementing strategies to assist students who have difficulty being successful in school.  MTSS supports students who may have academic, social, attendance, or behavior issues.  Each site has a team that works with the teacher and parents to establish goals, interventions, and supports.

How does a student get involved with MTSS?
Each site has a student achievement teacher (SAT).  The SAT monitors student data regularly and may identify students who may need assistance.  Teachers and staff may also refer a student to MTSS when difficulties are identified in the learning environment.  Parents/Guardians may also refer their child to the MTSS process.

How long is the process?
There is no set time line on the process.  Each student will have individualized programs and supports developed to assist them.  The process can be as short as 2 weeks, and as long as an entire school year.  All decisions in the process are based on collaboration with the MTSS team members.

What happens if the process does not help a student?

If strategies are not having a positive impact on the child, the team will revise the plan by taking a different direction. They may try new interventions and supports that may be more beneficial to the student.  They may refer the child to the Multidisciplinary Education Team (MET) to determine if the child needs specialized testing to see if higher supports need to be provided.

Is MTSS just about the child?
No.  There is a review of curriculum, professional development, and resources to assure all aspects of the child's education is being met.