Instructional Coach

Instructional Coaching

Strengthening  Teacher Effectiveness, Efficacy, and Leadership (STEEL)

Instructional Coaches:

Donna Allsman, Nadaburg Elementary School


Jordan Osinski, Desert Oasis Elementary School


What is an instructional coach?

An instructional coach is a certified teacher who has demonstrated excellence in the classroom.  Instead of working with one classroom of teachers they support a multitude of teachers, thus having more impact on student achievement.  They guide teachers through cognitive coaching to be more effective teachers.  Instructional coaches are mentors, change agents, experts, and resources.


What is cognitive coaching?

Cognitive Coaching, is defined as a set of strategies, a way of thinking, and a way of working that invites self and others to shape and reshape their thinking and problem solving capabilities. In other words, Cognitive Coaching enables people to modify their capacity to modify themselves. The metaphor of a stagecoach is one used to understand what a coach does—convey a valued person from where s/he is to where s/he wants to be.


What are the essential responsibilities of a Cognitive Coach at Nadaburg?

Cognitive Coaches at Nadaburg support a cadre of teachers as their main purpose, though they are available to all teachers.  They meet with teachers to plan, observe, and provide feedback.  They also conduct the district professional learning communities (PLC).  They collaborate with site and district leadership on new initiatives being implemented. 


How Does Nadaburg Fund Instructional Coaches?

The instructional coaches are funded through federal Title 1 funding, 100%.  The district does not utilize any regular state funding.  Coaching is one of the allowable strategies under federal title grants.