About Nadaburg

Nadaburg Unified School District covers 154 square miles of Northwest Maricopa County, located 25 miles from metropolitan Phoenix. The district serves rural and urban communities.  Surprise is a typical suburban neighborhood with a population of over 100,000; while the town of Wittmann offers rural living; and just to the west with a population of 6,500 is the small town of Wickenburg. 

Surprise offers modern shopping centers, contemporary restaurants, and a variety of entertainment.  Wickenburg has the appearance of small town America with local shops, restaurants, and entertainment at the Del Webb Performing Arts Center. 

Our Schools

Nadaburg and Desert Oasis Elementary Schools are pre-K through 8th grade learning centers with 400-500 students on each campus.  The district believes in smaller class sizes.  Desert Oasis Elementary is located in Surprise, AZ and Nadaburg Elementary is located in Wittmann, AZ. 

Commitment to Education

  • Cognitive Instructional Coaches support teacher growth and learning.
  • Reteach and Enrich learning time to provide a stronger foundation of learning.
  • Student Achievement Teachers assist struggling learners make educational growth.
  • Push in and pull out programs for special education, ELL, and under achieving learners that provide additional support.
  • Extensive before and after school programs which promote student learning and engagement.
  • Data based professional development that is meaningful, purposeful, and engaging.
  • A wide variety of technology devices to support learning. Devices include desktops, laptops, HP Streams, Chromebooks, IPADS, Samsung Tablets, document cameras, and interactive projectors.
  • STEM focused schools with 3D printers, rockets, flight lab, forensic science, Vernier probes and sensors.